We are navigating our way through the rapidly changing circumstances around COVID-19 and doing our best to implement necessary precautions for our employees, students and clients during this time.

Date: March 1, 2021

Revision: #2

This plan is to address Northern Construction Academy’s (NCA’s) response to the COVID–19 pandemic.

NCA is diligently monitoring the rapidly changing circumstances around COVID-19 and implementing contingency plans accordingly. This will enable us to continue our business by ensuring all reasonable measures are taken for the health of our employees, customers, contractors, and those who live in the areas surrounding our operations.

NCA is committed to executing process changes to meet or exceed the recommended guidelines for physical distancing. Although some roles require an element of physical interaction to ensure that essential tasks are completed, we will continue to evolve our processes to minimize these interactions.

As we continue to operate during this unprecedented situation, we expect to face ongoing challenges.

Measures we are taking.

How NCA is ensuring that workers know how to keep themselves safe from exposure to COVID-19:

  • Appropriate information and instructions regarding COVID-19 are communicated to workers through many methods.
    • Educational posters.
    • Important updates communicated through company email as well as posted at office locations.
  • Implementation of policies and procedures for Covid-19 where appropriate to ensure compliance to Public Health guidelines and Government orders.
  • Employees are advised to follow physical distancing rules, avoid casual gatherings, and limit all necessary meetings to less than five people after work hours.
  • HEPA filter systems run in all offices and rooms at NCA.
  • Daily review of government and public health authority guidelines
  • Mandatory sign-off acknowledging that employees understand the symptoms, and the requirements to be screened prior to entering a workplace. This includes not reporting to work with any symptoms without clearance from both a medical professional and their direct supervisor.

How is NCA screening for COVID-19

  • Before entering any workplace, employees with access to email are required to complete daily screening through e-compliance.
  • Random temperature screening is taking place at all locations.
  • Employees with any symptoms must not attend any workplace and must contact their direct supervisor as well as contact Telehealth for further direction.
  • All visitors must complete the screening form prior to entering any NCA location.

How are we controlling the risk of transmission?

  • Personal Protective Equipment is available for all employees.
  • Physical distancing for all employees of 2 meters or 6 feet is enforced. This includes lunch areas and meeting rooms are now limited by the number of people that can use them at any given time. This also takes into consideration the public policy of limiting all gatherings to not more than five people. If insufficient room exists, then rotating times will be required to enforce physical distancing.
  • All meetings shall take place by phone or video conference unless necessary and approved by the company.
  • Any employees disregarding public safety around non-essential travel, physical distancing, and other non-approved practices will be removed from the office.
  • Wash facilities/sanitizing stations are available at all sites. Employees must clean their hands by washing with soap and water before applying hand sanitizers.
  • Non-Touch thermometers are being used to test employee temperatures daily, to monitor if anyone has symptoms.
  • COVID-19 site audits are done on a weekly basis.
  • Cleaning products, wipes, disposable rags, etc. are available in all shared equipment/vehicles., and employees are instructed to wipe workspaces, vehicles, and pieces of equipment down before and after use.
  • We are not permitting outside visitors at any location. All visits should be approved before arrival and should be coordinated by phone or email ahead of time. Steps should be taken to reduce any interaction to an absolute minimum. Exceptions shall be made for essential Visitors (e.g. MLTSD, MOE, City/ Municipal personnel), who are subjected to COVID19 screening and other requirements, as necessary.
  • When physical distancing cannot be maintained, PPE items such as masks or shields as well as specialized items such as garments/clothing or other facial covering will be utilized to enhance worker protection against COVID-19 transmission. All workers are reminded that the physical distancing rule (2 meters or 6 feet distance) remains in effect and continues to be the best form of protection.
  • All unnecessary meetings are suspended, and all necessary job site meetings will practice physical distancing in small groups. When not possible, these meetings shall be conducted with the use of phones or video conference.

What is NCA’s plan if there is a potential case, suspected exposure or Covid 19 case at our workplace.

  • Procedures are in place for contact tracing and liaising with Public Health Authorities
  • Enhanced cleaning protocols will be deployed.
  • A process matrix has been developed and decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis depending on the circumstances.

How is NCA ensuring the plan is working?

  • The safety team at NCA meets regularly to provide guidance, discuss potential issues, allocate resources, and listen to health and safety committee advice and concerns.
  • The safety team reports directly to the senior management team to ensure any concerns are dealt with in a timely manner.

NCA understands that these are uncertain times, and changes to this plan will be required to meet or exceed prescribed requirements. NCA is committed to ensuring the health of our employees, customers, contractors, and all who live in the areas surrounding our operations.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Be Safe.

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